Wiring Loom Solutions

Our wiring looms solutions are a quick and easy way to reduce installation time. Helping to elimatinate potential errors in electrical connections or programming. A tidy solution for cable management.

Quick-2-Connect provides simple yet fast installation using pre-cut wiring looms, which allow the installer to easily connect the digital meter and the current transformer to the incoming or outgoing supply.

The Integra 1221 wiring solution connects the Voltage Meter to open and the Meter to Meter as a plug and play tidy solution for cable management.


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Q2C Voltage / Current and Open Ended Looms for Quick 2 Connect Solutions Various Lengths Available
Q2C Voltage / Current and Open Ended Looms for use with the Q2C Integra 1222 Digital Metering System..
Integra 1221 Wiring Loom Solution - Meter to Open & Meter to Meter
Voltage Meter to Open Loom The meter to open loom connects the voltage supply from the fused conn..