AC Voltage Single Phase

AC voltage protectors provide a continuous surveillance of monitored circuits and offer user adjustable trip points (set points) with time delay settings. When the current moves outside the set point limit for longer than the time delay, the relay will operate providing an alarm control or tripping signal.

Basic Parameters

  • Available with three voltage ranges 100-120V, 173-240V & 380-480V (Un)
  • Trip level adjustment between 75-100% (Un) Under
  • Trip level adjustment between 100-125% (Un) Over
  • Non-phase sequence sensitive
  • Adjustable differential (hysteresis) 1-15%
  • Adjustable time delay 0.5-10s (t)
  • Power on LED (Green)
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Protector Trip Relay - Single Phase AC Voltage PVU/Z 100/120V, 173/240V or 380/480V
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