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AC current protectors provide a continuous surveillance of monitored circuits and offer user adjustable trip points (set points) with time delay settings. When the current moves outside the set point limit for longer than the time delay, the relay will operate providing an alarm control or tripping signal.


The set point adjustment range is between 40% and 120% of the nominal current with 1A or 5A nominal input current (via current transformers or direct connection). An internal differential setting of 1% reduces nuisance tripping if the measured signal is noisy or unstable. Relay will trip if the measured current moves outside the set point limit and the red LED indicates a fault condition. An adjustable time delay eliminates premature operation on short duration current fluctuations. During this delay period the red LED will flash. Protectors draw their operating power from a separate auxiliary supply input.

Basic Parameters

  • Three-phase, three/four-wire
  • Continuously monitors to provide under or over protection (set level In)
  • Monitors three-phase current
  • Selectable under or over protection
  • Six module version
  • Universal auxiliary supply 24-240V AC/DC galvanically isolated from monitored current circuit
  • Pre-set differential (hysteresis) 1%
  • Trip level adjustment between 40-120% (In)
  • Available with 1A or 5A nominal inputs of (In)

Click the PDF below to read more about the Crompton Instruments Three Phase Under and Over Current PAP/V Protector Trip Relay.