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A range of direct current shunts which provides an accurate millivolt signal, exactly proportional to the system current. They can be used to drive ammeter indicators, overload protection and control devices. These shunts enable the measurement of DC current in ranges from 10A to 400A with various output options available.

ST* series complies with DIN43 703 for dimensions and IEC51 (BS89) EN60051 for performance.


For maximum heat dissipation, mount shunts in the horizontal plane. Ample ventilation should be provided. Busbars should be adequately rated, clean and level, with a thin coat of silicone grease applied to the contact surface area. Shunts are supplied with bolts, nuts and washer, which must be tightened fully.


Shunts are not insulated and protection against accidental contact may be necessary in order to comply with Health & Safety regulations.