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The Single Phase AC Voltage PV* Protector Trip Relay can be used for under and over voltage detection, start standby generators, operation of mains failure units and switching standby suppliers. An illuminated red LED indicates a fault condition. When the measured voltages moves outside the set point limit for longer than the time delay, the relay will operate giving an alarm control or tripping signal.


The set point adjustment range is 25%, operating between 75% and 100% of the nominal supply for under voltage and between 100% and 125% for the over voltage.

The adjustable differential setting range is 1% to 15% and can be used to reduce nuisance tripping if the measured signal is noisy or unstable. In case the measured voltage moves outside the set point limit the protector trips, illuminating the red LED indicating a fault condition.

An adjustable time delay is provided to eliminate premature operation on short duration voltage fluctuations. During this delay period the red LED will flash. The protectors draw their operating power from the measured inputs. Three-phase products monitor the voltage level for each phase and are not phase sequence sensitive.

Basic Parameters

  • Trip level adjustment between 75-100% (Un) Under
  • Trip level adjustment between 100-125% (Un) Over
  • Non-phase sequence sensitive
  • Adjustable differential (hysteresis) 1-15%
  • Adjustable time delay 0.5-10s (t)
  • Power ON LED (green)
  • Optional auxiliary voltage

Click the PDF below to read more about the Crompton Instruments Single Phase AC Voltage PV* Protector Trip Relay.